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Practics Business Solutions created with the objective of focusing its activities on the implementation of management systems for businesses, mostly using OpenSource tools; Openbravo ERP, CRM Vitger, Prestashop eCommerce, SugarCRM.
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Software for Comprehensive Management of your business

Full functionality, according to the specialization of the different kinds of businesses:
Clothing, knitwear, fur, footwear, lingerie, sports, tailoring, fabrics, yarns.
Whatever your business model, get full control in the actual manufacture or control of external workshops,
in product design, prototyping, purchase of materials and accessories,
distribution, manufacturing for third parties …


Manufacturers or distributors, where the management of seasonal collection sizes and colors is vital.


Companies of the footwear sector, leather quality control, production management chains, finite resource planning (lasts, cutting machines …)

Lingerie and bath

Making multiple series of fabric, control measures, management of sizes and cups, auxiliary materials control.


Control by item and tinted, quality controls throughout the production process, double unit (Units / Mts).

PStyle is designed to adapt quickly
to your business processes.

Specific modules to cover different features into the fashion industry, such as EDI communications, managing credit insurance with any company, integration with ecommerce platforms like Prestashop and Magento, and many others that will make PStyle fits all your needs.


Plan and manage your campaigns, manage and optimize resources for proper management of time and staff



pedidosCapture and order modifications in matrix mode through model variants and sizes. Confirmation by email, SMS …



produccionInternal manufacturing orders, ground terminals, barcode, worker productivity, incentives …



mobileYou can perform inventory online through mobile terminals with barcode readers or RFID code, prepare orders (picking and packing), optimizing resources and reducing errors.



documentosDocument management, patterns, images, designs, drawings associated with each model, variant or data sheet.



multicanalMultichannel orders, agent, mobile terminal, web portal for customers or agents, ecommerce platforms, POS, telephone operator …


Management workshop

talleresEmission of work orders to workshop, pricing list management, warehouse management per workshop materials, deliveries / collections / liquidations …



repeticionesThrough personalized customer service, you will have the information in real time stocks available, substitutes product, historical purchase. All this for maximize sales and do replay sales.



Create Design, sizes assignment, colors, material series. Cost study, create pricing lists, publication of catalogs …


Calculation of needs

calculo_necesidadesNeeds analysis according sample purchase orders, MRP manufacturing and procurement of materials, fabrics, finished garment …



Advanced algorithms for assignments product orders, more efficient deliveries: Complete lines% for orders, by region, agent …


Business intelligence

business_intelligenceWith Analytics, you will have access to a data analysis solution that will allow autonomously generate your own reports and dashboards.


Product characteristics

Easy management technical sheet product composition, assignment washing instructions, detailed cutting measures …


technical specifications

Definition of operations and materials according to model, consumption and customizable operations for each variant



logisticaIntegration with leading logistics operators, generating their own shipments without duplication processes automatically. Print labels agency, tracking …



planificacionManage in a unified way monitoring and taking control of your customers, providing a great solution to its sales team and improving the quality of customer service.



Practics Business Solutions, S.L. provides all consulting services, programming and support for the implementation of Openbravo with costumización for fashion PStyle


Consulting services for implementation.


Custom programming services according to their needs


Integration with other platforms (ecommerce, POS, BI, CRM)


Support post-startup

Our Team

The support of a team of specialized consultants in your business process and knowledge will bring innovative ideas. Together we improve the performance of your organization.

Clients Feedback


More than 2,000 customers rely on the open source solution Openbravo
for the complete management of your company from the cloud.

"Bassols since 1790"

We chose Openbravo for its technological platform, wide functionality in the textile sector and ease it comes to adapting some of own developments of our company as calculating consumption of fabric according to the arrangement of the items in the court ... that has developed in the ERP itself.

Javier Bassols Commercial Manager

"Now we can throw us with new challenges and projects!"

Thanks to Openbravo PSTYLE now the entire company works only with Openbravo, we have streamlined our processes, improved response times and are prepared to deal with new growth and internationalization projects that we have planned.

F. Izquierdo Manager of Platino Difusion S.L.

"Pleased with the Practics's Team!"

Thanks to Openbravo we have managed to integrate perfectly all our departments, including our eCommerce, so that we have maximum control of all operations; since the launch of new products, orders, shipments, invoicing, analysis, procurement, shortening delivery time and improving our product availability. We are very satisfied from both the solution and of the Practics's staff that performed the implantation.

Marta Aguiar Manager of BijouxIndiscrets, S.L.

Know more features of PStyle

Detail of some of the most remarkable features of PStyle, you can view a very intuitive video, read articles and white papers of business processes incorporating by standard form of the solution.


PStyle is the result of more than 20 years of experience in developing and implementing solutions for companies in the fashion industry, incorporated into a solution of last generation thanks to the technological platform Openbravo, and advanced functionality of Openbravo Business Suite.

With PStyle you can deploy from the first day its extensive functionality designed to give value to all business processes of the industry and also add your own business processes. Our team of highly specialized consultants accompany will be with you throughout the process thanks to our implementation methodology.

Clients – Partners – Evolution Roadmap

Openbravo + PStyle is in full growth product, can analyze of one stroke that has not stopped growing in number of projects to end customers, our network of specialized partners of the sector and the breakthrough programming new features

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